CAUSA 404 Josiah

ClubAmateurUSA.comJosiah | 26 | 6’1″ | 182# | 6″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


 Pretty much everything about Josiah trips my trigger. Beyond his physical beauty, he’s confident while at the same time gracious, humble, & considerate. Throughout our interaction prior to, during, & after this shoot, he was / is professional & respectful. So, I get why he’s a successful webcam model for another site.

Now, in terms of his phyical beauty, what can I say that you’ll not soon see for yourself? WOW! To know that within the last year Josiah has lost over a hundred pounds just amazes me, and as a result, this journey has brought him to the CAUSA massage table & all of you. I don’t think that there is a better example of someone who set a goal to better his life & his health and successfully achieved that goal in such an astounding way. He just impresses me.

As for Josiah’s sexual journey, as I mentioned he’s been webcamming for about six months, and his wife does so, as well. Additionally, they do so together, and that’s pretty dayum cool to me. Josiah clearly stated in his first email to me that he’s comfortable in his sexuality & orientation and feels that in order to grow in the adult entertainment industry it’s his onus to sexplore male:maile interaction. Luckily for us, his experimentation on webcam has been limited to just himself, so this video is Josiah’s first foray into another male providing him sexual pleasure. And I know that he learned a thing or two about his body & his expanding erogenous zones.

Although he plays with toys when webcamming, I was surprised to learn after the shoot that this was his first time being rimmed, and from what he expressed to me & you’ll soon see, Josiah rather enjoyed it. Now, it will be up to him to somehow convince his wife to stick out her tongue & dive in…

One (of many) thing(s) that made smile & pop a little bit of a chubby when editing this video was seeing something that I did not notice during filming. When Josiah is experiencing pure exstasy, he lightly bites his inner bicep. For me, that’s just over-the-top erotic, so I emailed him to ask about it:

So, in terms of your being comfortable in your sexuality, I know that you perform for men on webcam, but have you had actual physical sexual interaction with other men, and if so, when & how was that first experience?

I noticed that from the wrists down, you’re not as tan. Why is that?

And lastly, my favorite thing is something that I did not notice during filming due to my eyes being averted. The biting of the skin on your bicep, is that a standard response for you? Is it involuntary? Is it to stave off ejaculation? Just a few thoughts that came to mind during the editing process, and holy cow, what an erotic video!

Straight from the this hottie’s mouth, Josiah replied:

I have never had any sexual experience with another man, besides that on Webcam. And I have an odd tan line because I ride my Harley a lot, and I wear gloves when I ride. I’m guessing that would be why. Never thought of it or noticed it though. lol. As for the biting, on my arm, that is something I do sometimes when I pleasure myself, Its a soft part of my skin and is soft when I don’t flex, so it feels like its another persons body…. if that makes sense. Feels like breasts in a way. lol. My wife just saw my answer, and she didn’t even know I did that. I told her I don’t do it with her, because I already have her breasts to fondle with. haha.

I’m thinking that this way cool couple needs to shoot a MMF threeway for CAUSA, but that’s for another day & another discussion. For now, please welcome Josiah to ClubAmateurUSA, and as always…