CAUSA 402 Walt

Walt | 19 | 5’8″ | 130# | 7.0″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Gay


 Well, it appears as though we’ve experienced another CAUSA, first. The shoot with Walt started out like any other when suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a “Fringe” event & landed in an alternate universe. Luckily, Walternate was even more into it, and his uncut BBC was hard & throbbing after I rubbed some massage oil on him & turned away to review both camera angels. When I turned back around… DAYUM!

Back to today’s reality, I met Walt via Adam4Adam here in the Space Coast area, and he was interested in participating in ClubAmateurUSA & Badpuppy Original Content. Given how geniunely nice he came across in email & SMS, I felt like he would be a good fit for our expanding model pool. Of course, it helped that he’s adorable with a compact, lithe swimmer’s build, and packin’ one helluva cock!

Walt states that he’s primarily bottom, but I told him when he was readying to leave for the second time that I’d like to have him bottom & top when shooting for BOC. His response, “really?”

I only had one answer for Walt, “when you’ve got it, use it!”