CAUSA 400 Jackson

logoJackson | 31 | 6’0″ | 200# | 7.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Bisexual


Wow… 400 hundred videos… It’s been a reflective couple of weeks, I must say. On Wednesday when I clicked to begin rendering today’s video, it felt quite surreal. There I was sitting alone in the former offices of Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc. in Cocoa, Florida, one of two remaining BEI employees (a big shout out to Badpuppy Support god, Jeff, who on Wednesday celebrated his 17th year with the company), and working on ClubAmateurUSA’s 400th video — just a month shy of when it all began ten years ago with Jeff & Valerie by the pool in Scottsdale. I know that back then, I did not expect to still be producing CAUSA ten years later — even more so as a Badpuppy employee, but we’ll save the rest of this discussion for CAUSA’s ten-year anniversary celebration come October.

Several weeks ago, I was wondering who I would get to shoot the 400th video since I’m no longer in Scottsdale, and I felt like I wanted a familiar Arizona face. “Well, duh… ASG’s Jackson lives right up the road, and he’s been wanting to shoot a video for ClubAmateurUSA.” So, I invited Jackson over to the new studio to discuss my plan & cement an idea in terms of what content we could shoot. Although Jackson never appeared on CAUSA back in the AZ days, he is a familiar face to many current & former CAUSA members due to both of our connections to AmateurStraightGuys (another big shout out to Doug for giving Jackson his big break, as it were). So, as Jackson & I were sitting on the patio discussing, I asked, “What can you shoot with me that would be something new that you’ve never done on video?” With 400, I was thinking everything old is new again given the historic changes for Badpuppy, ClubAmateurUSA, & me over the past two months, and Jackson’s answer was very similar to some of the other big-dicked, straight-guy-seduction genre, pro-am guys who’ve also appeared on ClubAmateurUSA, “Well, I never took it up the ass.”

We have our video…

Jump forward to just prior to the shoot, and Jackson is a little bit nervous about the whole sticking things up his ass bit. Having many years experience doing this, I promise to be gentle. Once he’s on the table & sufficiently relaxed, I begin my carefully-lubed entry into Jackson’s manhole, and I remember thinking, “Holy shit! That’s the tightest ass I’ve ever stuck my finger in!” I knew that given his tightness, having Jackson up on all fours would be more advantageous to more comfortable penetration once I brought out the CAUSA Silver Bullet. So, in the “guy milking stool” position (as one long-time CAUSA member named it), I begin the vibrator play, and Jackson is pretty much in heaven.

Now, let’s fast forward to the cumshot that was another first for me. I knew with the prostate play that Jackson was in for one helluva orgasm. So, when I felt we had enough timed content, I stuck the ol’ index finger back into Jackson’s manhole & began the slow in & out motion while massaging his prostate & stroking his cock with the other hand. Pretty soon, Jackson told me to be careful because he was about ready to “pop.” I quickened my movement with both hands & soon he was clinching the sheet & blowing goo all over his abdomen. Now the first for me was once the ejaculating stopped, Jackson’s full-body orgasm continued. From first muscle spasm to last, I timed it while editing the video, and Jackson’s orgasm lasted two minutes & four seconds. Holy shit! His body would not stop twitching.

It’s an awesome sight to behold!



P.S. After shooting concluded & Jackson & I were again sitting out on the patio, he laughed upon reading a new text message that he’d received from his girlfriend, “Did your butthole get taken advantage of?” LMAO! Yes, it did, and something tells me that in the weeks since the shoot, Jackson & his girlfriend may have a new toy in their toy box. šŸ˜‰