CAUSA 398 Armie

logoArmie | 18 | 5’10” | 175# | 8.0″ | Brown Hair | Green Eyes | Gay


 All of the Badpuppy folks, CJ, & I were out at Norman’s in Cocoa the evening that the acquisition of Badpuppy by KJCash was announced. We were enjoying adulterated beverages & each other’s company when I was notified by Hornet (aka “Whore Net”) that I had a new message. After I loaded it up & saw that I had been granted access to someone’s private photos, I clicked on the profile & began scrolling through the images. I guess my utter glee was evident because Badpuppy Bill to my right & CJ to my left both looked at me & said, “What does he look like?”

When I held up Armie’s Hornet profile & began scrolling through his pictures, the table fell silent & all mouths hit the floor. Immediately, the first collective response was, “Get him on video!” and the second collective response was, “You lucky bitch!” Hehehe…

After a brief dialog with Armie on Hornet, I knew that he would definitely be first a CAUSA model & then a BOC model, but the timing needed to be pushed out a bit given that although he had recently turned 18, Armie was still several weeks out from high school graduation. So, I pushed our filming date out a couple of more weeks & also explained to him that the video would not run until after his graduation ceremony because, as CJ so eloquently stated, “Putting him on CAUSA while he’s still in high school could turn into a really bad episode of ”Glee”.” BAH HA HA!

Armie arrived for his shoot as scheduled, and I was immediately enveloped by his greenish-hazel eyes. Dear gawd! And then the smile happened… (WHEW!)

You’ll hear Armie talk about having come out at the age of 15, having had three boyfriends, and falling into the role of “top” in his sexual interactions. Well, of course, you know that when I hear of a guy having very little sexperience with the joys of anal stimulation, once I get him on the CAUSA massage table, he’s going to learn!

Needless to say, Armie was quickly schooled in that regard. 😉

And apparently, everything felt too good since shortly after the stroking & sucking began, once again, the guy on the table was unable to stave off ejaculation & orgasm. Per both Simon, last week, & Armie, this week, making them go 48 hours prior to filming without ejaculating was entirely too much for their respective libido.

Or maybe Casey Black’s just too good for the guys’ libidos… 😀