CAUSA 396 Jude

logoJude | 19 | 6’0″ | 170# | 8.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Sexploring Bisexuality


 It appears as though Houston is a hotbed for str8 / curious / bi guys newly sexploring & learning the joys of their respective prostate. lol

With his arrival around 10:30 PM, Jude was my fourth shoot of the day, and I was ready to relax with a nice glass of wine. I had not anticipated what was in store for the two of us…

When a guy’s demeanor is naturally quiet & reserved, adding overly nervous to the mix makes for a challenge in terms of achieving an erection. You can see & hear Jude’s visible & audible demonstrations of his pleasure, but his cock just wasn’t playing along nicely. Finally, when I introduced a rather intensive session of prostate massage, Jude’s cock approved, and we were off to the races. What follows pretty much blew me away when I began editing this video. I had to call into my office some of the other Badpuppy folks just to see what I was seeing. You’ll hear Jude tell us in the post-orgasm wrap-up that this was his first time to sexperiment with anal play, and uh… mah… gawd, I set the bar pretty high! As they say (whoever “they” is), hindsight is 20 / 20. What I now know & what now explains the events after the intense finger & silver bullet banging that Jude enjoyed, is that not only was this his first time for anal play, but it was his first time to experience an anal orgasm!


After we paused to take a breath (and me wipe my brow), I again began the stimulation, but nothing was working. Jude went limp again, and he wasn’t having the same physical responses to the same stimuli. Basically, he’d shot his wad without actually shooting his wad. Since there was over three hours of total content, you’ll see an abrupt cut to Jude’s cumshot with him on the bed in the hotel room. When I realized that we’d lost the moment & the mood (and now I know it was because of Jude’s anal orgasm), I moved him to the bed & threw on some porn for him to watch. Pretty soon, his big ol’ cock was again happy, and with my quick maneuvering, Jude had one helluva intense orgasm with ejaculation.

What an amazing end to my 18 months of “Messing. With. TexASS.”