CAUSA 395 Micah

logoMicah | 21 | 5’5″ | 120# | 6.0″ | Black Hair | Brown Eyes | Bisexual


Micah was my third shoot of the day in Houston, and he was pretty much a walking hard-on. From the moment he dropped his britches, he started popping a chubby, and he stayed hard the entire time he was face down on the CAUSA table. After I flipped him over & began rubbing massage oil all over his body, you’ll see him grow to full staff, yet again.

So, obviously, my challenge with Micah was not that he couldn’t get it up – to the contrary. No, my challenge with Micah was that he was on the edge of orgasm throughout the shoot, and he informed me shortly after I began stroking his engorged & tingling cock, that that is his quickest method toward orgasm & ejaculation. “Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat… So, I guess I’ll just tap dance for an hour & then stroke you to a cumshot for the last 30 seconds.” LOL

But… (cuz there’s always a big ol “but” in there somewhere) while editing the video, I had another lightbulb moment (and yes, as I age, the bulb is growing dimmer ;-). With Micah, Liam, & several others, I had the opportunity to provide them a hands-free orgasm & ejaculation purely through anal stimulation & prostate massage. In the moment, I have always chosen to back off from going there so as to not have the guy on the CAUSA table cum too quickly into the video. But now I see that that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Firstly, if the guy is that turned on & anal stimulation is enough to give him a hands-free orgasm… well, that’s a truly authentic sexperience & some dayum good content regardless of whether or not we’re only 15 minutes into a shoot. And secondly, given my skills in terms of keeping a guy in his sexual zone after early ejaculation, I’m confident that post a hands-free orgasm, I could flip the guy over & keep on going to a second cumshot. Typically, if a guy is that turned on & in his sexual zone, we’ll reach second orgasm 10 – 15 minutes later.

So, my goal as we move toward the tenth anniversary of ClubAmateurUSA, is to capture on video a guy’s first hands-free orgasm & ejaculation. With two camera angles (and possibly a third camera being added to the mix for overhead closeup shots), that will be pretty awesome to see!

For now, I leave you with cute & perpetually erect Micah…