CAUSA 394 Garrett

logoGarrett | 27 | 5’10” | 165# | 6.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


As I’ve previously stated, during a video shoot I am so focused on the creation of good content & making sure that the model is comfortable, enjoying himself, and we’re safely exploring & pushing his boundaries, that I sometimes miss visual queus / clues that point toward the fact that the guy on the CAUSA table is much more open to his sexploration than I am recognizing. This shoot with Garrett was one of those moments where it wasn’t until I began editing the video that I the proverbial big picture came into focus for me.

I cannot recall during a previous shoot having the guy on the table opening his eyes & watching me so intently. During editing, it felt as though there were moment when Garrett was staring directly into my soul.

As you’ll hear during a couple of conversations that I intentionally left in the video, there was an apparent connection made between Garrett & me, and as a result, the comfort level that he had with & in me was off the charts. Even after filming was over & he was readying to leave, Garrett gave me a big hug & thanked me for the experience, my approach, & how well treated he felt.

All of this is to say, that the comfort that Garrett felt in me allowed us (via the previously referenced established connection) to create one HOT, DAYUM VIDEO. As of this day in March, I was two for two in Houston, Texas! :)