CAUSA 393 Declan

logoDeclan | 20 | 5’10” | 145# | 8″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Open-Minded

Declan was somewhat of a surprise shoot. Although I anticipated filming on the road enroute from West Texas to Cocoa, Florida & had an idea in terms of who I would be shooting, it wasn’t until I arrived Houston that I happened across Declan’s AdultFriendfinder profile. When I saw his pix, I knew that I would love to capture him on video, so I added him to my “Hotlist” & went about business. A few hours later, I received an email from Declan.

Pleasantly surprised to learn that he was interested in shooting a video, I quickly scheduled Declan for 2 PM the following day. The next morning he confirmed our appointment (wow, a responsible young man), and then right before shooting time, the comedies of error began.

Let me just say here & now, the Sprint mobile network in Houston, Texas SUCKS ASS (and NOT in a good way). It seems that Declan arrived my hotel, texted me to alert me of that fact, and I did not receive his SMS – nor did I receive any of his subsequent texts. Of course, during this time, he is receiving my texts inquiring as to his whereabouts. Finally, at 2:33 PM, my phone blows up with his previous five texts, and by this time, Declan has left the building.

Upon finishing my phone call to him & his return to the hotel, HPD is sitting in the parking lot, and Declan ain’t getting’ out of his vehicle till the fuzz is gone. Well, suffice it to say that our originally scheduled 2 PM shoot began at 4:30 PM, and I had 5 PM, 8 PM, & 10:30 PM shoots scheduled. Talk about a big-ass crazy day!

Anyhoo… Yet, I digress…

As you’ll hear Declan discuss during the interview, he once had a drag queen blow him in a bathroom, but that’s been the extent of his male:male sexual interaction… until he crawled onto the CAUSA massage table. And let me just tell you, if Declan was not aware that his manhole was one of his most sensitive & pleasurable erogenous zones, he sure as hell is now!

Holy G Spot, Batman! I think I may have turned Declan into a power bottom! And to think, his shoot with me was girlfriend approved. LOL!