CAUSA 392 Leonardo

logoLeonardo is in love…

…with his monster cock. 😉

It was interesting to watch him not only during the shoot but when I was editing the video and see how often Leonardo watched his monster cock during filming. Now, do not get me wrong, were I hung like an old army mule, I would probably be rather infatuated with my ginormous cock, as well. lol

Bi & on the DL, I was surprised that Leonardo had a family member drop him off at my hotel. Apparently, the family member thought that ol Leo was banging some sugar mama. 😛

Of course, the biggest surprise was when Leonardo stepped into the shower, began soaping himself up, and holy moly, he suddenly had a third leg in the shower with him! Prior to filming, I’d only seen pictures of him flaccid. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when he swung around in the shower & the monster greeted my camera lens.

GULP! You want to put that thing, WHERE?!?! Let me just throw it over my shoulder & BURP IT! 😉

Beyond that, there were several moments during the shoot where Leonardo caught me off guard when he threw out a sexually aggressive sentence. You will hear him, and you will hear me stammering in response…