27 – 5’7″ – 165# 7″
Black Hair – Brown Eyes
Straight & Open Minded

For those of you who’ve followed ClubAmateurUSA since its inception, you know that I am aDICKted to Hot Chocolate! So, filming Griffin was my whole impetus for the Dallas trip since as with Latino Xio, I’ve also been searching for a hot African American man to capture on film for CAUSA. As soon as I knew that my travel schedule would allow a Dallas trip, I emailed him to make sure that he was still interested. You’ll soon see that yes he was, and wow, thank the baybee geezus! As with the majority of CAUSA guys, this was Griffin’s first foray into the world of male:male sexual interaction. So, the prostate sexploration was a bit much for his first time, but as you’ll soon see, once on his back, Griffin’s “BBC” was engorged & tingling. Enjoy!