24 – 6’3″ – 200# 6.5″
Dirty Blonde Hair – Green Eyes

Ryder contacted me several weeks back on my favorite sex & swingers’ site with the email subject heading, “I’m financially Bi.” As you’ll soon hear, that’s not necessarily true given that he has engaged in NO sexual interaction with another male in his 24 years. Once again, I’m capturing another first-time SeXperience for ClubAmateurUSA. The day of this shoot, Ryder texted me to confirm & let me know that he was rather nervous. I could feel his nervousness when we began the shoot. But as I said to him afterward when he inquired as to how he did, per se, I knew in the shoot when he physically & mentally let go of his reality in the moment & got into his sexual energy. It’s funny how that can sometimes be like flipping a switch. Ryder is hella sexy, and hopefully, through his work with CAUSA, can find the self-confidence to venture out & find a girlfriend. For you & for now, please enjoy Ryder’s CAUSA debut!