28 – 5’11” – 190# 7″
Black Hair – Hazel Eyes

When Owen first contacted me, he asked if his face had to be shown in the videos. Since I get that question quite a bit, I explained to him that much of the eroticism of my content is derived from the visible & audible demonstrations of pleasure as seen through the participants’ faces. I figured that’d be the end of his interest, so I was pleasantly surprised when Owen replied that he’d like to go ahead & shoot a video. Owen self identifies as bi-curious & a strictly a top. Of course, whenever someone defines themselves as top or bottom, I look at it as a challenge to think of themselves in other terms. So, my impetus with Owen was to show him exactly why men have prostates & why he should embrace the pleasure that his own can give him. Needless-to-say, he found out exactly what his prostate can do for him. Finally, after much stimulation, Owen stated that he didn’t know how much more he could take. I knew then that he was going to have one helluva orgasm – and he did!