18 – 5’9″ – 140# 8″
Black Hair – Brown Eyes

Archer turned 18 in February, and he might possibly be enroute to being the next Casey Black. Please, allow me to digress… From my conversations with Archer off camera, he remained a virgin until he turned 18, and then all hell broke loose with the str8 boys in San Antonio! It seems that, like me, Archer enjoys control. So, for him to relinquish that control to me was outside of his comfort zone. And for me, who is always in control, to have someone on the CAUSA massage table that is challenged to relax & allow me to take control. When I physically, mentally, & emotionally take any man, regardless of sexual orientation, to a place, sexually, that they’ve not prior experienced, then not only am I fulfilling my vision for CAUSA, but I’m also fulfilling that need within me to. My wish for Archer is that he’ll someday be able to divorce himself from our commonalities in terms of culture & child rearing and choose a path that opens him up to all that this world offers to “gaybies.”