CAUSA-358-Dixon as Santa

Dixon as Santa
23 – 5’5″ – 140# 7″
Shaved Head – Brown Eyes
Straight & Curious

I chose not to give Dixon advance notice of what we would be doing because as I’ve learned over the years, the anticipatory thought of vibrating plastic devices being jammed in one’s manhole, instills fear in straight guys’ little hearts the world over. So, the sight of Dixon’s eyes growing huge when heard the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of the first vibrator over his shoulder, well, I had to chuckle a little bit when editing this video. Needless-to-say, Dixon loved every buzzing moment, and I’m quite confident that although his work schedule is rather insane, currently, I do believe that he’ll be sneaking into our local adult novelty store & purchasing one of his own for Christmas since he’s been a good little boy this year. Enjoy Dixon’s return to the CAUSA massage table in “Santa Cums Early 2011!”