24 – 5’11” – 165# 6.5″
Brown Hair – Brown Eyes
Straight & Curious

The physical responses that my touch elicited from Hood were over the top & hella erotic. I knew when my tongue first brushed past his manhole that his curiosity & anticipation had been building for many years. I soon found Hood pressing back against my face whilst moaning, groaning, & breathing rather heavily. Of course, that was my signal to see how he’d respond to a finger penetrating him & massaging his prostate. Let’s just say that Hood was extremely close to experiencing his first full-body, anal orgasm. Hood did not know how to mentally process, at the time, everything he was physically experiencing. Not having felt such sexual arousal prior, his brain could not compute. Needless to say, with a total shoot time of an hour & forty minutes, I shot one helluva video with Hood, and he gave me one of the most intense & copious ejaculations that I’ve ever captured on video!