25 – 5’9″ – 160# 6″
Black Hair – Brown Eyes
Gay & Newly De-Virginized

Zarek had only been with two men in the prior two months! Before then, he was a 25 year old virgin. Go figure in today’s day & age! What also defines Zarek is his structured up-bringing by Middle Eastern parents. Yup… He is only the third Middle Easterner to appear on ClubAmateurUSA. The first was Amiri in 2007 and Javier in 2008 (by his direction, he was intentionally named Javier to infer that he was of Latino heritage & not Middle Eastern). Whereas Zarek has come to terms with being gay, the prior two struggled with their bisexuality. So, I think it will take several years before Zarek is able to slough off the rigidity of his childhood & tap into his emotional self as a gay man, but regardless, he is one smokin’ hot man whose cock was pointing toward the heavens before he even dropped his tightie whities! I do believe that Zarek is the perfect CAUSA model to continue exploring & defining his sexuality.