28 – 5’10” – 155# 7″
Brown Hair – Hazel Eyes

I assumed because Lambert was on Scruff, that he was gay, I was surprised when he tells me that he’s bi. Lambert’s shoot was a bit of a challenge for me because I couldn’t get the blood flowing out of his upper head & moving on down to his lower head. Truly self-identifying straight men have zero problems compartmentalizing their sexual activity on the CAUSA massage table & BING! They’re hard as a rock & moaning like a whore with sand in her Vaseline. Whereas, bi & gay guys tend to have more of a challenge leaving the emotional aspect of sex & sexual attraction at the studio door & just going for the physical.

Thank gawd for my years of experience I was able to get the blood flowing to Lambert’s best part & DAYUM! I finally saw what I’d seen earlier in the pix that he’d sent me on Scruff.

Lambert is ready to be my bisexual straight-guy seducer. And with his face, bod, cock, & ass, I’m thinkin’ that’s a good fit for him in the CAUSA model pool. Enjoy Lambert’s CAUSA debut!