CAUSA-351-Jacob Durham

Jacob Durham
21 – 5’10” – 165# 7″
Brown Hair – Brown Eyes
Bisexual & Playful

Jacob Durham is 21 years old, Bi and quite the hunk. After Chad Brock our In-House masseuse interviews Jacob, he has Jacob take his clothes off and get up on the table face down. Chad rubs Jacob up and down his back side, giving him both an external and internal prostate massage. Chad has Jacob sit up and lean back against him, while he rubs the front of his body. Chad lubes Jacob up and begins stroking his cock vigorously while Jacob begins touching Chad all over. He nearly blows his load when Chad palms the head of his cock. Chad deep fingers Jacob’s hole and he grabs Chad’s hand and pushes it deeper and deeper. Ready to bring him to his peak, Chad strokes him hard, resulting in one hell of a blown load, clear up on Jacob’s neck and chin. According to Jacob, he’ll be back for round 2 in the near future!