CAUSA-348-Alexander Garrett (AKA Hugo Alexander)

Alexander Garrett
(a.k.a. Hugo Alexander)
35 – 5’11” – 170# 9 uncut”
Brown Hair – Brown Eyes

Alexander Garrett, a.k.a. Hugo Alexander in a previous Badpuppy shoot is at the ClubAmateurUSA Studio for his first erotic massage. In-house Masseuse Chad Brock has been looking forward to this. Alexander is excited and ready, quickly stripping off his clothes, jumping up on the table. Chad begins with some rubbing, moving on to a finger driven prostate massage! Chad heats up, so he removes his tank top! Up on all 4’s he begins rimming Alexander, followed by some rubbing & tugging of his cock and balls. Asked to turn on his back, Alexander rolls over for some frontal SeXploration! He is getting so aroused that he cannot keep his hands off of Chad, who manages a little oral action and kissing! Alexander has his hands in Chad’s pants, beginning to stroke Chad’s cock. Next thing you know, Chad’s nude and mutual stroking action going on. Chad blows his load multiple times on Alexander, who strokes full speed to an eruption of thick creamy cum! Chad cleans Alexander up and both feeling very satisfied, they finish with a passionate kiss!