CAUSA 309: Brock Armstrong

Brock Armstrong

36 – 5’9″ – 180# 8″
Shaved Head – Hazel Eyes
Straight & Open Minded

Produced by Media Gio

Media Gio Productions on Badpuppy

Brock had mentioned to a buddy at the gym that he needed some extra cash to get into a poker tournament that was coming up. His buddy also knew that Brock sometimes has issues with his back since his accident at work. Brock’s a bouncer at a “Gentleman’s Club” and he had gotten hurt by getting hit by the car of the guy he had just thrown out of the club. So his buddy gave him one of our cards. Brock was a bit nervous during the interview on camera, he’s only had one erotic message given to him and that was by a woman.

Wow, what an incredible body he has and a great ass, Chad just can’t stop playing with Brock’s ass and Brock enjoyed the attention Chad was giving it.

Come check out Brock! Enjoy!

Date of production: 12/4/2009. Age at time of production: 36.