CAUSA 304: Jessie Alan

Jessie Alan

22 – 5′ 9″ – 145# 9″
Blond Hair – Blue Eyes

Produced by Media Gio

Media Gio Productions on Badpuppy

Jessie comes to us from Tampa, Florida where he enjoys most outdoor activities. He likes to be tea-bagged and is looking forward to his first erotic message. Jessie has multiple tattoos in honor of his friends that have gone before him. Jessie has a naturally tight body and an impressively long uncut cock even when it’s just hanging between his leg in-front of his low hanging balls.

Jessie moans with contentment as Chad works him over with his hands, mouth and tongue, but Jessie is still unsure if he should be enjoying that much pleasure from another man.

Chad brings Jessie to the edge several times, but doesn’t allow him to go over. Jessie can’t take the edge play anymore and takes matters into his own hands while Chad works over Jessie’s nipple with his mouth. As Chad takes back over the handy work of Jessie’s cock, you can see that Jessie is allowing himself to enjoy the pleasures another man can provide. Then Chad finds Jessie’s g-spot when he starts to nibble on Jessie’s earlobe and the train just can’t be stopped at that point. The ending is impressive.

Come check out Jessie! Enjoy!

Date of production: 10/1/2009. Age at time of production: 22.