CAUSA 302: Ari Sylvio

Ari Sylvio

32 – 5’5″ – 140# 8″
Black Hair – Green Eyes
True Bisexual

Produced by Media Gio

Media Gio Productions on Badpuppy

Ari was in town from Chicago and was looking for something to help him relax and unwind from his trip and a recent hard workout. So after getting to know him a little better during the interview, we got to know him alot better during the massage. Ari had mentioned that he liked to have his ass played with, so Chad was happy to oblige by intruducing in a dildo during the erotic massage to help with the deep tissue stimulation after he had relaxed Ari’s tight ass muscles with some fingering and rimming.

The chemistry between these two hot studs is undeniable. It’s apparent that Chad is enjoying his work by allowing Ari to reciprocate the pleasure that he is receiving. Chad guides Ari’s hand to his crotch so that Ari can massage Chad’s hot tool while Chad continues massaging Ari’s finely scupted gym body.

The massage continues when Ari rolls over to his back, exposing the fruits of Chad’s hard work, a raging hard on. The two studs enjoy some intimate kissing in-between Chad’s nipple work on Ari.

You can see Ari’s eyes roll to the bach of his head when Chad takes Ari’s massive cock into his mouth to massage it in ways that a hand just can’t seem to manage.

The massage continues as Ari keeps complimenting Chad on his great hands and the work that he is preforming with them and the reintroduction of the dildo.

Chad continues to bring Ari to the edge of release and then backing off to heighten the pleasure of Ari’s first erotic massage. When Ari does finally release, he erupts streams of cum all over his flat abs and you can see all of muscles tighten with the waves of ecstacy cum over him as he has the most intense orgasims of his life.

Come check out Ari! Enjoy!

Date of production: 10/1/2009. Age at time of production: 32.