CAUSA 276: Landon’s Second Video

23 – 6’2″ – 180# – 7.0″
Brown Hair – Blue Eyes
Straight & Open-Minded

Landon’s second video was shot in mid-May, and I inadvertently neglected to run it. That was a few weeks after my surgery and a few weeks before Landon’s surgery. So, I’m happy that I was able to capture Landon’s final scene of him being penetrated. Unfortunately, a medical condition precipitated his surgery and forever altered his sexual proclivities. As Landon’ recently said to me when we were catching up on his health & life post procedure, “No more putting anything up me bum. I’m strictly a power top, now.” That cracked me up…

And it further exemplifies why I enjoy working with Landon. He’s real. He’s honest. And he’s direct.

I discovered that first-hand a couple of weeks back when a girlfriend & I decided to have vino & dinner at a local hot spot where all of the beautiful people work — including Landon. So, as I’m texting Landon across the restaurant to tell him to work on the HELLA HOT bartender to get him to shoot a video, Landon walks up behind me. I showed him the text on my phone LCD, and he immediately calls over the HELLA HOT bartender, “Hey, do you remember that thing that I was telling you about to make extra money? Well, this is the producer.”

I wanted to crawl under the bar (and not just to blow the HELLA HOT bartender)! LOL!

For this shoot, I left some of the banter between Landon & me in the video — that way you can hear his FAB British accent and also get an idea of his sense of humor.

So, I pushed Landon’s boundaries and thoroughly pushed his prostate in this video. Needless to say, he experienced some intense sexual pleasure and provided us one helluva cumshot!

Enjoy! Preview or Members

Date of production: 05/16/2008. Model’s date of birth: 03/20/1985. Age at time of production: 23.