CAUSA 275: Trevor’s First Video

18 – 5’7″ – 145# – 7.0″
Black Hair – Brown Eyes

The gods taketh away, and the gods giveth back…

After last week’s cluster fuck with the hot African American guy showing up and deciding not to do the shoot while in the middle of the paperwork, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I ran into Trevor online! Ours had to be a whirlwind romance since it was 11:30 PM Thursday night, and he was flying out Friday morning.

So, after the crazy monsoon that stormed through Phoenix that night finished wreaking havoc on the Valley of the Sun, I picked up Trevor, and we started this shoot around 1:30 AM Friday morning.

This “barely legal” HOT CHOCOLATE I was not going to let get away (I was going to say slip through my hands, but that Trevor definitely did as you’ll soon see ;-).

Now, about this video. I swear that Trevor has the tightest ass that I’ve ever probed. His manhole had a death grip on my finger when I began a little prostate massaging! But I was definitely able to show this youngster the pleasures of the male HE-spot. šŸ˜›

And then once we got down to the business of bringing Trevor to orgasm, he thought that he would just stroke himself off. After I nicely explained that were I to allow that to happen, I’d get a shitload of hate mail demanding to know why I didn’t get him off myself, Trevor clued me into his secret spot. If I was to get him off, then I’d have to lick, suck, & rub my scruff along his neck. That was a first for me, but of course, sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. šŸ˜€

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Date of production: 08/29/2008. Model’s date of birth: 01/03/1990. Age at time of production: 18.