CAUSA 273: Devin Carrera’s Sixth Video

Devin Carrera
20 – 6’2″ – 150# – 7.5″
Brown Hair – Brown Eyes
Straight & Curious

I’m on my summer sabbatical in much cooler Southwest Colorado, so I’ll make this quick & dirty.

Over the past several months, I received several email requesting a toy video with Devin Carrera. Folks wanted to see him move up to thicker toy’s. So, in today’s video we do just that.

While Devin is still a bit too tight & a bit uncomfortable with the “ManRammer,” he was able to graduate to the thicker, textured vibrator, and to hear him tell it, thought that it felt damned good.

So, I gave Devin more homework, and he’s now to practice at home playing with thicker toys. That was another assignment that Devin was happy to accept! Enjoy his latest round!

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Date of production: 08/01/2008. Model’s date of birth: 05/20/1988. Age at time of production: 20.