CAUSA 272: Marcus Adams & Ken Mack

Marcus Adams
24 – 6’4″ – 230# – 8.0″
Brown Hair – Blue Eyes
Straight & Open-Minded

Ken Mack
41 – 6’0″ – 180# – 8.0″
Brown Hair – Blue Eyes
Straight-Guy Seducer

Before we began the shoot, I had a conversation with Marcus:

“I’m going to push your boundaries just a little bit, but don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to bottom” (to which I heard a big sigh of relief). Then I continued, “I do NOT want ‘straight guy having sex with another guy while watching pussy porn and clearly demonstrating that he’d rather be home flossing his cat than doing what he’s doing right now because he really needs the money.’ We have enough of that crap on the Internet, as it is! So, I want sensuality from you. I want bodies rubbing together – cocks rubbing together. Ken can be sensual with you without kissing you on the mouth. Although it’s you, the self-identifying straight guy, having sex with another guy on video for the umpteenth time, this is definitely NOT something that you’ve shot before.”

And as always, Ken knew just what to do.

Speaking of Ken, he’s turning into quite the “power bottom”! LOL!

So, before Marcus & his girlfriend made their big move up to the upper Midwest (cold effen country), I knew that I wanted to get one last video from him, and Ken Mack was JONESIN’ to shoot a video with Marcus!

It turned out to be quite a fun shoot, and I’m even more enamoured with Marcus. What a cutie & a sweetie he is!

And I gotta say, the moment when Ken was on top of Marcus, their hard cocks rubbing together, and Ken was kissing around Marcus’ neck… WHEW! Now, THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!! Enjoy! Preview or Members

Date of production: 07/23/2008. Models’ dates of birth: 10/23/1983 & 07/10/1967. Ages at time of production: 24 & 41.