CAUSA 270: Dermot’s First Video & Gone in a "Flash"

Dermot 27 – 5’11” – 165# – 7.5″
Blonde Hair – Green Eyes
Straight & Open-Minded

I’ve been watching Dermot jack his thick dayum cock on his webcam for over a year and in April 2007 I dropped him an email letting him know that I wanted to shoot a video with him! Finally, a few weeks back, the spirit moved him, and I at last got to wrap my hands & mouth around his hot, effen cock! His is the cock that I’d like to play a little “sit-n-spin” on! šŸ˜›

With a compact, naturally furry body, great smile, and that thick dayum cock, I think that Dermot is just dirty sexy! And I’m happy to report that this shoot makes it well worth the year delay for him to come in. WOW! The boy’s hips were constantly gyrating and his head was bobbing from side-to-side throughout the shoot. And interestingly enough, Dermot had four close calls before finally during the fifth one, he couldn’t hold back any longer and had one helluva intense orgasm.

So, definitely enjoy Dermot’s CAUSA debut. Preview or Members

Now, a couple of other items…

It’s been one long, effen week with me pullin’ seven all-nighters in the row — first rolling out Flash to the site and then rolling back to pre-Flash. After that, the spirit moved me to change out one of my branding colors and overhaul the members’ video archive. There are many more changes to come as I implement a model index that links out to all of each model’s videos, and I’m sure that I’ll make another attempt at Flash. For the time being, I’ve now got to focus on returning revenue to a sustainable level. This month has been deplorable — industry wide. For the big boys, they can afford to have a couple of slow months. Unfortunately, it makes things rather tight around the CAUSA studio.

So, please… Even if you’re subscribing through a trial membership, every little bit helps, and definitely if you love CAUSA videos, tell everyone you know to come check it out!

And finally, for those of you who read my post last night regarding “Benedict” (that has since been deleted), just a quick follow up to let you know that I had a 45-minute phone conversation with him last night after receiving his response to my email:

I thought I was just doing an audition type thing for them in order to do amateur porn with chicks. I had no idea that was gonna be used the way it is. U know from talking to me that’s not the way I am. I really had no intent on that. I am asking u to please at least let me work out something with u. Anything u want. I truelly am sorry. I meant no disrespect man. Please get in contact with me. Please! I know I probably sound desperate…., cause I am

Unfortunately, “Benedict” had absolutely no awareness that his jackoff video was going on a gay site, and his sole intent was to shoot straight videos with the other company. He only became aware that his solo video was on the ‘Net through my email to him.

I’m not of the mind to get in a debate regarding the duplicitous business practices of many “straight-guy-seduction” producers who con their models to get them in the front door, get ’em liquored up (or something even more illicit), and then apply the “hard sell” & cash to convince them to do something on video that they may later regret (some models to the point of threatening suicide).

Suffice it to say, that EVERY potential model who walks in my door KNOWS EXACTLY the type of content that I produce and what he’s signing up for. Out of over 270 videos and more than 200 guys, not one has ever been deceived into participating. Again, I refer to the whole karma thing.

I do think that it’s up to all of us as consumers to decide whether or not we want to support businesses that engage in questionable, unethical practices. I know how & where I choose to spend my dollars…

Everyone have a FAB weekend! This boy is off to get his drink on! šŸ˜€