CAUSA 265: Seth’s First Video

19 / 5’11” / 190# / 6.0″
Black Hair / Brown Eyes

When you’re moaning & whimpering like a whore with sand in her Vaseline and you’re laying in a pool of your own precum, saying, “it’s not really my thing,” tends to make me want to scream, “Obviously, Cleopatra isn’t the only Queen of DENIAL!” LOL!

Thus was my experience with Seth (another bi boy who popped instant wood the minute he dropped trou) when I finger fucked him & massaged his prostate to dayum-near the moment of orgasm.

So, not really his thing… In the infamous words of Dr. Evil… RIIIIIIaaaaaaaaaaaaght…

Human sexuality in America has way too many asterisks!

*** “I’m a bi bottom only on Tuesday nights when the Celtics whip the collective ass of the Lakers AND there’s a Harvest Moon.” šŸ˜›

Needless to say, regardless of whether or not Seth wants to cop to his own desire, it apparently was his thing because he had one helluvan explosive orgasm when it (or I) was all said and done… (Explosive as in he shot OVER his head!)


Date of production: 04/22/2008. Model’s date of birth: 05/20/1988. Age at time of production: 19.