CAUSA 262: Marcus Adams

Marcus Adams
24 / 6’4″ / 230# / 8.0″
Brown Hair / Blue Eyes
Straight & Open-Minded

Ya know… The first thing that I just have to mention about Marcus Adams is the size of his…

…big, enveloping smile… big, gorgeous, blue eyes… huge heart… grandiose personality… What a classy and personable guy!

Oh, and did I mention that Marcus is sportin’ the thickest cock that I’ve ever tried to wrap my hands (and lips) around?!?! šŸ˜›

In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He is and has all of the attributes that I above mentioned — and then some!

Of course, I should mention that my first course of business when Marcus originally contacted me was to ensure that he’s no longer under an exclusivity agreement with another site. He has a prolific pro-am catalog of videos with them (30 to be exact) and beyond that, has worked for another like-genre site.

So, Marcus is not your typical CAUSA model. And as I said to Ken Mack (to whom I immediately sent a text message when I received Marcus’ email), “sometimes a grrrrrrrrrl’s gotta do what a grrrrrrrrl’s gotta do!”

For almost five years, I’ve chosen my CAUSA models based on their previous INexperience, whether or not they would be a viable adult video performer, and would I be able to present them having real, first-time sexperiences with another male. Although Marcus only met one of those criteria, I decided that this bud was for ME! I wanted to get my hands (and barely my lips) around his massive member, and since Marcus is also gorgeous, you site members most likely wouldn’t mind too terribly if I captured him on video for CAUSA (and if you do, I don’t want to hear about it ;-).

So, after Marcus explained that he was indeed on the free market and available, I quickly scheduled a shoot with him.

As it turns out, this WAS a first-time experience for Marcus, and he enjoyed every… throbbing… stroking… rubbing… tugging… minute of it! So did I! And so will you!

Marcus didn’t give it a thumbs up and say, “that was fantastic,” because it sucked (in a bad way). šŸ˜€