CAUSA 261: Alex’s First Video

21 6’0″ 165# 7.0″
Sandy-Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

I recently read that “the toes never lie,” and in the case of new hottie, Alex, his feet don’t lie! Actually, as you’ll soon see from the over-the-shoulder camera angle, there are moments in this video where his hips are gyrating and bouncing up & down while his feel are moving back & forth like windshield wipers. LOL

Alex is another bi guy who says that he enjoys men & women, equally. Works for me and judging from his full-body spasms during this video, my man hands worked for him!

I just luuuuuuuuv playing with BNU (big-n-uncut) because it’s just so easy to send an uncircumcised guy into dayum-near convulsions. And with Alex, were that the goal, I definitely found success!

My satisfaction is not only through all of the positive feedback that I receive from all of my site members, but most importantly, the positive feedback & accolades that I receive from the guys, themselves. I’m especially pleased when I give a bi guy, who is experienced in male:male sexual interaction, one of the most whelming, explosive orgasms of his life!