Response to a Site Member…

I’m bumping to the front page my response to this comment from a loyal site member since I think that it merits a read from all members and potential members.

Hey, Daniel…

Firstly, thank you for your very kind words!

I, too, have been quite pleased in my partnership with Ken Mack. He is quite professional with the business side of what we do, and he’s a genuinely good-hearted person who is a joy to work with. But I think that the most important aspect of working with Ken is his respectful behavior toward the other guys. He understands that they’re stepping way outside their comfort zones and engaging in new sexual acts. Ken tries to push the envelope & their boundaries without pushing them outside of their comfort zone. To me, that is extremely important when working with self identifying straight guys who sexploring their natural curiosities. Ken’s approach mirror’s mine, and that’s what makes it work.

As for Elijah, I can’t really get too upset that he’s now appearing elsewhere. I knew from day one that he’s a player, opportunist, and is solely in this industry for the money. I, personally, think that he is compromising his integrity for cash.

There’s a reason why I have chosen to focus my recruiting efforts solely on Adult FriendFinder. As I’ve said before, the guys I am able to recruit to participate in my videos are not out shopping for adult gigs on AFF. They’re on AFF looking to get laid. And I think that we are in an age where it’s much more okay for self identifying straight men to admit that they’re bi-curious, and I just happen to present them with an opportunity to sexplore their natural curiosities and put a little money in their pockets at the same time. Add to that, they are able to do so in a comfortable, safe, discrete, professional atmosphere, and it usually comes together rather seamlessly.

But because my guys aren’t pro-am models and aren’t already shooting porn, I am able to capture real sexual experiences, and as you have seen in my videos, some of those sexperiences can be over-the-top erotic while at the same time being physically, mentally, and emotionally whelming to the participant. At they end of the day, the majority of my guys are choosing to sexplore their curiosity. And because they aren’t participating solely for the money, they are choosing to participate without compromising their integrity.

There have been a few, such as Elijah, whom I knew were not there for the best reasons (and their respective video(s) usually reflected that). I have several shoots that I’ve never run on the site for that very reason — the guy was there solely for the cash and as a result, the content was mediocre at best.

Now, for the guys that after working with me decide that they want to do more work in this industry, I’ve begun representing them as a talent manager. I hope in doing so, I am able to instill a strong sense of self in these guys and ensure that they are not lured into the dark sides of this industry.

In one of the first conversations I had with Tyler Aston (even before we executed a talent management agreement) after he decided to explore more video opportunities, I counseled him to stay true to himself, not to compromise his integrity, and not participate in anything that he wasn’t comfortable doing. I forewarned him that he would be meeting some very seedy, shady folks and to not get lured into the drugs, alcohol, or worse — and to not be blinded by the almighty dollar.

Tyler Aston, Devin Carrera, and many, many of my other guys are kind-hearted souls & good people. For me, it’s my conscience and karma if one of my guys was lead down a hurtful path.

Now, onto your wish list…

Ironically, Devin was originally scheduled for a poolside toy video earlier in the afternoon the Sunday that I shot the threeway, and I was originally going to have him stay & shoot the threeway, as well. The Saturday night before while thinking about the threeway, I decided that it should be the priority over the toy video and that Devin & I could shoot the toy video at a later date. So, that’s what we’re going to do. I’m sure you’ll see it on the site in four to six weeks.

Ken Mack is definitely going to be around for awhile (as far as I’m concerned), and actually, it’s been on my mind to pair him with Page and Marco. Toby has gone MIA, so I’m not sure if he’ll be participating in any subsequent videos. I’ve also thought about pairing Ken Mack with Rocco, Jody, Tomas, Kiran, and Donnie.

Mateo is another who is somewhat MIA. He keeps disappearing & reappearing on AFF. I’m definitely interested in shooting more content with him.

Javier, unfortunately, moved to the Pacific Northwest, so his future availability is limited to familial visits to the Arizona desert. I recently exchanged instant messages with him, and we’re going to try to do another shoot later in the summer when he’s in town.

Several of my guys have been students at ASU. For privacy concerns, I very rarely call out specifics of a guy’s personal life in the stories that accompany their videos. So, those who have been local college students, my site members would not necessarily know.

Given the situations with Freddie, Kole, and Avery, I am absolutely concerned for my guys’ privacy and in no way want to cause harm in their personal lives.

As I mentioned, I’ve been thinking about pairing Donnie with Ken Mack. I don’t know that I can convince him to bottom, but I can certainly try. šŸ˜€

You are certainly aware of my affinity for “Hot Chocolate.” So, I’m always on the lookout for new flavors, and it’s on my agenda to shoot more with Blair, Mitch, Nate, Morgan, and Page.

I have received recent racist, derogatory email from now former site members telling me that I have too many black guys on the site. Of course, I have zero tolerance for racial intolerance, and very directly responded that I will continue to film African American men and all men of color. Then I recommended that they visit another like-genre site whose producer is a self-professed bigot and refuses to shoot non-Caucasians.

Since I do want to present a diversity of men (not all white, black, brown, whatever), I try to space out the appearances of my men of color to ensure that I’m not alienating a segment of my membership.

For me personally, red & yellow, black & white, they are all sexy on my site! šŸ˜›

And finally, while I’m here…

Given the “slowing economy” coupled with the loss of traffic from xtube, guyscout, and increased cannibalization by Badpuppy & other Featured Contributors on MenOnTheNet, I am waiting to exhale till the end of summer.

My business partners & I are definitely tightening our collective belt to ensure that we’re able to continue producing high-quality content for ClubAmateurUSA.

We definitely need your help in doing so! Everyone’s loyalty & support is tantamount to our continued success — and thank you for that!

So… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go tell all of your open-minded, porn-consuming friends, family members, co-workers, and religious leaders to come support ClubAmateurUSA!

All my best,