Jody – It’s always the little guys…

When a guy such as Jody, smaller in stature, drops trou, I always think, “God does have a sense of humor,” because He / She just loves to put BIG cocks on LITTLE men.

Jody is no exception to the rule, and he’s also cute as a button with huge blue eyes, hot little swimmer’s bod, and a tight bubble butt that’ll give you an instantaneous tongue-on! Basically, you want to wrap up the entire package and ship him home to……….. I think I’ll stop there. šŸ˜‰

Jody is another bi boy whom I ran into online and given all of the above-mentioned attributes, I thought he would be perfect to introduce to CAUSA and to some of my straight boys (think Jody fucking the bejeezus out of Quinn, etc., etc.). šŸ˜›

For now, enjoy Jody’s CAUSA debut