Tyler Aston’s Spontaneous Video Shoot

I had Tyler Aston over to shoot some still images for us to distribute to some of the studios that showed an interest in him at the recent Phoenix Forum. It was at the Forum that within 15 minutes of Tyler’s appearance at the Badpuppy happy hour, producers from Channel 1, Titan, Raging Stallion, and Falcon were clamoring to recruit him, and I decided that maybe it was in both Tyler’s and my best interest for Casey Black Productions to represent him.

So, we decided to take some still images and when you’ve got a stunningly-beautiful 20 year old with eight thick, hard inches waving at you (literally), you make a video. DUH!

Tyler Aston is simply gorgeous (as Ken Mack said, “He’s like a Greek statue. That bottom lip…), and after losing 45 lbs, he’s in the best shape of his life — not to mention the rather large appendage dangling between his legs

Here are Tyler and I in a completely relaxed, natural setting just having a little fun.