Nine New DVDs Released @ ClubAmateurDVD!

I’m happy to announce that Volumes 82 to 88 are now available on ClubAmateurDVD, and that brings CADVD current to CAUSA 254 (Rocco) available on ClubAmateurUSA. Here is the list of scenes for each new DVD:

· Volume 82: Darius, Quinn, Donnie, and Elijah – 118 minutes
· Volume 83: Mitch, Devin, and Ken Mack – 114 minutes
· Volume 84: Miloje, Morgan, and Kiran – 114 minutes
· Volume 85: Toby, Ken Mack & Devin, and Javier – 109 minutes
· Volume 86: Hayden, Finn, and Blair – 106 minutes
· Volume 87: Landon, Ken Mack & Quinn, and Tomas – 104 minutes
· Volume 88: Tyler, Ken Mack & Shayne, and Rocco – 111 minutes

Additionally, I just released “
CUMpilation: Ken Mack” that includes all seven of Ken’s scenes from CAUSA: A Rub & A Tug, Gunner, Billy, Santa, Devin, Quinn, and Shayne! It’s over three hours and forty-five minutes on two DVDs!

Go checkout the new DVDs on ClubAmateurDVD – now with 99 titles available!

Finally, after many requests, the slimline, metallic-silver vibrator seen on ClubAmateurUSA is now available for purchase.

Thank you for a moment of your time, and as always, thank you for your continued support!