For those of you who navigated to my BLOG directly from the members’ area of CAUSA, here is the info from the “About…” page of the site:

JULY 2007: I recently received an email that touched upon the same argument that I and other webmasters of the “straight-guy seduction” genre hear on a regular basis:

I do have a question for you if you would be so kind to answer??? I am a Gay man and I know a lot of straight guys and I asked the question “Would you do a porn flick if you were paid and just let the guy doing the camera filming do what he wants with you, like oral , nipple , rimming ,etc,” and not one straight guy would let another man to that to them, I congratulate you on your filming, but , how do you do it if they are straight???

That email made me take pause, reflect on the nature of the guys on my site, and then put into words what it is that I do and how I do it. Here was my response:

It’s amazing how many straight men change their minds once you start throwing $400 and $500 at ‘em per video shoot. So, go back to your straight male friends and ask this question, “Would you receive an erotic massage & oral from another male on video for $400?” I bet most of them would have to think about it and would be much slower to tell you, “no.”

Here is the exact email that I send to the guys on who list their respective sexual orientation as straight and are horny, online, & looking for pussy:

Subject: DAYUM HOT!

Body: Damn cute, great bod, and hot cock! Would love to capture you in one of our adult, amateur videos if you’re willing to receive an erotic massage & oral on video for four hundred bucks in your pocket. Hit us up!

In mid-April 2007 I sent over 450 of that exact email on AFF, and got about 30 positive responses. Of those who responded, I shot videos with 12 of ‘em and am going to begin shooting with the others plus some additional new guys in the next week or so.

Vary rarely do the guys consider rimming as part of the “oral” that I reference in my email. Most of the time, they’re just thinking it’s a blowjob. That’s typically why I start the rimming while they’re face down on the massage table. Then once they’re flipped face up, eyes closed, and are thoroughly engrossed in the pleasure, I then introduce nipple, ear, and neck stimulation. Once I start sucking on their balls, they’re putty in my hands… and mouth. 😛

There’s definitely a gradual introductory process in each video, and there’s definitely a method to my madness as demonstrated in the intensity of the sexual experience that each guy has on video.

The second thing to consider is that I am not playing pussy porn in the background for the guys to focus on and pretend that it’s the pussy porn that’s getting them up & off. It’s just me, the model, the cameras, and the lights. Before we begin, I tell each guy:

I need you to be animated but not exaggerated, so that means that I need visible & audible demonstrations of your pleasure – whatever is natural to you without being over the top. If you like to talk dirty, then talk dirty. If you’re more naturally quiet, that’s okay too (unless you lay there like a dead fish, and then we’ll have a problem).

I’m wanting a sexual experience from you – NOT a performance. If you’re acting, that is evident on the video, and the viewing audience will know.

The focus is entirely on you and your pleasure – lay back, close your eyes, and focus on your inner eroticism. Go to that place that turns you on and gets you off. Let go of your reality in the moment. It’s not about me; it’s about you tying the touch & sensations that you are feeling all over your body into your sexual pleasure and in turn, giving that back to the viewing audience and tying them into the fantasy.

Finally, the “First Rule of Fight Club” is you don’t cum until I’m ready for you to cum. If you’re getting too close just tell me, and I’ll focus on your toes or something. That’s pretty much it. Any questions?

And that’s pretty much how I get the content that I get. It’s all real and natural, and I think that carries through to the viewing audience — as is evidenced by the phenomenal responses from the viewing audience that I have received over the past three years.

Finally, in the five years that I’ve been in the business (and especially recruiting straight guys off of AdultFriendFinder), I have found that the majority of self-identifying straight men in America are absolutely curious.

Your friends may not be owning up to it, but in the unspoken recesses of their consciences, they have thought about if a guy really does give head better than a woman or what it would be like to fuck a guy, and (for those who are secretly using household items for anal stimulation) what it would be like to be fucked by a guy. They’re all thinking about it, and some are acting on it.

You have no idea the number of straight men that I’ve had on my massage table with no cameras around (gawd, that makes me sound like a big ol’ HO MO 😉 – especially a boatload of straight guys who are married with children.

We live in a world where it’s quite okay for women to be bi-curious and act upon it (as they are being prodded & encouraged to act upon their curiosity by their boyfriends & husbands), but our world still frowns upon men openly expressing their bi-curiosity and acting upon it.

What further pushes men into closeted behavior that can be dangerous to them and their spouses, is the fact that a majority of women are much more insecure in themselves, so if their man, as it were, wants to explore his curiosities with another man, then the women in their lives usually take it on as some sort of statement regarding them & own it as an insecurity, and for their own self-preservation make derogatory statements in front of their male spouses about bi-curious men and male:male sexual interaction. That in turn, causes men to push those bi-curious thoughts further out of conscious thinking and believing those thoughts to be a negative statement on their sexuality and masculinity.

It’s a hateful cycle that has perpetuated itself for generations. And as I’ve always said to my straight girlfriends, “Honey, if it’s dick that he’s looking for, you aren’t equipped to compete!”

Thankfully, with wider acceptance of gay men in mainstream society (e.g., the popularity of “Will & Grace” and the like), guys who are 25 and younger, are much more open to exploring their curiosities and accepting themselves as bisexual. It’s astounding the number of 18 – 24 year olds with whom I’ve interacted that have shared with me that they and their buddies “hook up” on a regular basis. It’s also quite surprising to me the number of military men who are curious to explore their sexuality shortly after their service ends.

But at the end of the day, it’s heartening… Because isn’t that the world we want to live in? One where sexuality is fluid and without judgment…

Thank you for your email and support.


I think that that greatly sums up everything that is ClubAmateurUSA. And more one thing for those men (both gay and straight) who are wont to put a box around sexuality and stick a label on it… I say nay, nay…

Sexuality IS fluid and is NOT about the sexual acts but is about the emotional identification.

Can a man get a blowjob from another man (or hell, even get fucked by another man), not be sexually attracted to men, have one of the best orgasms of his life, and still be straight?

You bet your sweet ass he can!

With what gender does he emotionally identify? With what gender does he instinctively want to partner & procreate? That is what defines sexual orientation…

Through my site, I am able to give self-identifying straight men that awareness, and it is through that awareness that we as gay men will have one more supporter in our world who will be less likely the next time he goes to the voting booth or sits in his pew at church to cast votes and aspersions against something that he has now come to learn about himself. And that’s why every person who passes through my door is always treated with dignity and respect.

There is always a method to the madness in everything that I do. And that’s why I’m sexually educating the world, one straight man at a time. 😛

I hope you enjoy these first-time sexual experiences of real, self-identifying straight men exploring their natural curiosities on video!