CAUSA 558 Kristoff – Part 1 & 2

causaKristoff | 21 | 5’11” | 168# | 8.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring

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After going “old school” in his first video, I knew that for Kristoff’s second shoot, I was going “all in,” so to speak (and pun partially intended). We set this shoot up shortly after his first, and Kristoff committed to sexploring — including direct, digital, prostate stimulation, but the night before the shoot, he began freaking out about the penetration:

Kristoff: What’s gonna be different this time? 9:01 PM
Kristoff: Or same thing 9:01 PM
Me: As we discussed at the end of your last shoot, Kristoff meet your prostate. 😛 9:06 PM
Kristoff: I can’t; we can add a little oral, but not protate yet. Not ready 9:12 PM
Me: Okay. Let me think about it. 9:16 PM
Kristoff: When can I get an answer? 9:18 PM
Me: When I decide whether or not it’s worth the investment to continue shooting with you given the dilution of your brand & backtracking on your commitment to further explore with only “a little oral.” At the end of the day, Kristoff, whether it’s my company or Sean Cody, regardless of the fact that we produce adult content, we are profit driven businesses. 9:29 PM
Kristoff: Okay I understand; I’m sorry. But at the same time you can’t give a boy one tennis lesson and then expect him to perform at Wimbeldon the next day 9:37 PM
Me: I’m not talking about sticking a 12″ dildo up your ass; a single finger brings most guys to the most intense, literal, orgasms of their historical lives. So, no, I wouldn’t be sticking a tennis racket up your ass. lol 9:44 PM
Kristoff: That analogy though was lowkey amazing. Okay… That could suffix. But oral is a lot too 9:48 PM
Me: Suffix or suffice? 😉 10:00 PM
Kristoff: Lol – Okay you got me 10:15 PM
Kristoff: So is it going down? 10:15 PM

And the rest, as they say, is history. :)

Since I was aware of the Sean Cody opportunity, I knew that it was “now or never” given their exclusivity agreements, and here we are with not only Kristoff’s first oral from another man, but also his first anal play.

Keep on the lookout for his eye rolling, nostril flaring, & labored breathing. When the rimming began, Kristoff’s wide-eyed look reminded me of Nate’s first shoot & first sexperience being rimmed.

And speaking of labored… I believe that it labored Kristoff to admit during our dialog at the end that the direct, digital, prostate stimulation felt pretty dayum good.

Oooooohhhhhhhh, these straight boys…

Welcome to Wimbledon & enjoy!

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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