CAUSA 469 Geoff – Part 2

logoPart 2 of 11-Year Anniversary Video with Geoff | 32 | 6’0? | 175# | 7.0? | Brown Hair | Green Eyes | Bisexual


I think an exchange of dialog between long-term member, Daniel, & me best sums up this 11-year anniversary video with Geoff:

Dear Casey (I can’t promise this novella will be brief, but I’ll try :))

This video is your Obra Completa! Your final Opus! Your classic Looney Tunes battle between Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck where Daffy pulls out his death-defying, nitroglycerin swilling act, then, swallows a match and….KABOOM!! This video is EVERYTHING (and it’s not even over yet)!

I knew if I wished hard enough and was a good little boy, Christmas would come early! I need to find a new occupation as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill (maybe then our government wouldn’t be so stubbornly gridlocked…). Thank you for putting together and bringing forth another masterpiece. Thank Geoff for once again allowing us to be a witness to his honest sexploration. Like you said early in the video, the best parts are watching the facial responses from the eyes and face to the body reactions to the stimuli (outside of Sesso’s slot machine responses to the vibrator, Geoff has the best physical reactions to anal stimulus). Geoff practically met the vibrator in mid-air!

The problem with this video is that it will end. So, where do you go from here? May I suggest that you either move Geoff back to the Phoenix area (you can store him with Miles and Filip… didn’t you pack them away when you moved from Florida? ;)) or start a traveling production company that follows him around and just does these types of films.

Once again, thanks for 11 years of quality reality porn. May you continue to do this as long as you enjoy creating it. And thank you & Geoff for the shout out. I hope that this is not a one-time trip and he gets back down to your area for continued filming because he sure seems to enjoy it! And so does this viewer.

And my response:

Daniel, as always, your “getting it” is one of the reasons why I do what I do. We’ll talk more about this in a few weeks when Geoff’s duo scene runs.

As to today’s video with Geoff, it is another reason why I do what I do, and in a follow-up conversation with Geoff (the subsequent week to his filming this solo), he finally “got it” when he got to play “Casey Black” with his scene partner.

As you know, I am loathe to simply call this porn (I do love your term “reality porn”) in that I’ve always said that I’m changing the world one straight guy at a time by introducing him to his authentic sexual self, and now, we can all bear witness that Geoff is the über example of my concept.

When as a war returnee & a 24 year old virgin to male:male sexual interaction Geoff arrived the ClubAmateurUSA studio in March 2007, neither he nor I knew where this journey would take us.

Seven & a half years later, we see Geoff having embraced his authentic sexual self as a bisexual, cross-dressing bottom who loves cock but (and per my additional historical words) emotionally identifies with women & desires to partner & procreate with a woman. All that he needs from another man is the D.

For the majority of these guys who have or will embrace(d) their authentic sexuality, that’s simply what it’s all about.

P.S. Several weeks ago, I threw out to my team here at Badpuppy the idea of a traveling CAUSA Winnebago. Thank you for furthering that idea, and thank you for 11 years of your loyalty to & support of me & ClubAmateurUSA.

All my best,


And to all of you site members, current & former models, & my team at Badpuppy, THANK YOU for 11 years of the support of & loyalty to ClubAmateurUSA.


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