CAUSA 428 Taylor

ClubAmateurUSA.comTaylor | 24 | 6’3″ | 170# | 8.5″ | Dirty Blonde Hair | Green Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Since we’re a couple of days past Christmas, Santa’s just going to have to cum more than once with Cool Santa Taylor & his big ol’ schlong. With his tall, lanky build, beautiful smile, laid-back attitude, & the previously mentioned big ol’ schlong, Taylor trips my trigger. DAYUM! What’s even better, once again, he stayed on the edge of orgasm throughout his second shoot.

A couple of months back, Taylor texted me about setting up his second shoot to which I responded asking him what we could do differently from his first shoot to demonstrate a progression in his sexploration to the membership. His response, ” I could trade the mask for some sunglasses and we could capture my first real ass play session.”


What I didn’t realize is that Taylor had checked out a couple of other model’s videos & his undisclosed goal for this ass-play session was to experience his first anal orgasm.

Of course, with no prior butt play in his life, had I known, I would’ve explained to Taylor that a little practice would be required to achieve his first anal orgasm, and secondly, while editing this video, I could see that he was stopping my manipulations when the stimulation was getting too intense for him. So, I’ll definitely have to counsel Taylor before his next shoot that he’s got to relinquish control to me & allow himself to physically, mentally, & emotionally enveloped by the oft-times overwhelming prostate stimulation.

Regardless, once orgasm began & ejaculation subsided, I continued the hard stroke on Taylor’s ginormous cock and dayum-near sent him into a Grand Mal. I’m bad, I know, but I love it! 😉

As we wrap up the month of diverse Santas & 2013, please allow me to take a moment to firstly thank all of you for your continued loyalty to & support of ClubAmateurUSA, to nine-year site member Daniel for his unadulterated support & constructive feedback, to all of our affiliates who promote CAUSA around the global interwebs, and to CJ & Chad who both provide me endless support & freedom to continue this site based on its original vision. Without all of you, there would be no Casey Black & no ClubAmateurUSA. Here’s wishing all of us a safe, enjoyable, & prosperous 2014!

As always, please enjoy Cool Santa Taylor & his return to the CAUSA massage table.